What services does The Digital Frontier Provide?

The shorter answer might be what services don’t we provide. If it involves print, we can help. From coffee cups and t-shirts to banners, signage and corporate print packages, we’ve got you covered.

What is the difference between a vector and raster image?

Vector files like .eps or .ai are essentially mathematical equations that can scale to any size without degradation. Raster images are picture files like .tif, .jpg, and .png. Typically we recommend 300 DPI at ¼ size of final enlargement. The farther away the final piece is viewed also plays into the equation. Something viewed up close that looks terrible can look great for across the street. If you’re not sure, just ask. We’re here to help and we will typically alert you before printing if we feel something won’t look good.

Why should I use you over an Internet printer?

While internet pricing can offer costs that in many cases seem amazing but most times we can compete on pricing – especially once issues turn time, hard proofs, choosing the right substrate and shipping costs are calculated. By using a local printer, you get the customer service you should expect, the flexibility to print on the stocks you want, a quicker total print schedule, and a relationship with a company that cares about your business today and tomorrow.

My printer is FSC certified. Doesn’t that make them a green printer?

Absolutely not! All FSC certification is concerned with is chain of custody on the paper source. How it’s printed or what type of sustainability impact the print company exists with is of no concern to FSC certification. If you want to know you are printing with the most environmentally friendly printer in Colorado, all you really need to know is The Digital Frontier.

FSC certification

Why won’t an image taken off the web won’t look good in my printed piece?
While vector art is scalable, raster art (photos, image captures) have their limits. An image on the web may look fine on your screen but printed images need much more resolution. Think of having a cup of paint. That amount of paint is plenty to paint the small pet house for your hamster. Now take that same cup of paint and for your dog house it’s going to look pretty thin and spotty to stretch that amount of paint to finish the job. Image what it’s going to look like if you try to paint your entire home with that amount of paint. That’s what an image taken off the web or facebook will look like. Okay as a small stamp but not so good on a 10’ banner.

What’s your normal turn time?

Most projects can be turned in 3-4 days. We try to never charge our clients rush charges – we do whatever it takes to hit your deadline. The only time we charge for super fast turn times is if it involves having to work outside out normal production hours (6am-10pm).

About Us

The Digital Frontier is committed to respect for client relationships, ethics in business, a productive and the most effective work environment. We pride ourselves in maintaining  a more personable relationship with our clients, making sure they know they can trust us every step of the way, every single time. We strive to be able to help create exactly what a client envisions and will work proactively with you to ensure that happens. Think of us as your go-to team for all of your print needs! 

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