Small Format, Custom Coasters and Magnets

Our client had an art file he wanted to see prototyped on various substrates, in different sizes. It was fun to see how the materials performed! Can you guess which he chose for the finished product?

Private Client
Metal Signage and Deliverables
Vehicle Magnet

About this project

The 3.5" round "stained glass" image was inkjet printed one-sided, full color to

1- Brushed aluminum composite sheeting - metal on the outside, PVC on the inside - making for a lighter weight, highly durable and attractive material,

2- Vehicle grade magnet material, and

3- Corrugated plastic, more commonly known as coroplast.

We've done lots of coaster work like this over the years, but especially during Covid. Think: QR code coasters and stickers, and/or two-sided coasters on various thicknesses of Styrene where one side says 'Clean' and the other side says 'Needs to be Sanitized.'

Whatever your need, The Digital Frontier can help!

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