Window Graphics - Let in the Light

Wincos for the win: add privacy, let in natural light, and advertise your brand without the need for bulky building signage.

Spyder Active
Technical Outdoor Sportswear
Window Graphics
Perforated Window Coverings

About this project

We love this project we got to do for Spyder Active in Boulder, Colorado. The client wanted to cover their windows for privacy, let in natural light, and avoid doing building signs. We recommended printed Wincos film and - et voila! - we even installed.

We got to have a little extra fun installing mountain graphics on 'peek-a-boo' garage door windows and creating a 10' wide x 5' high wall display on 6mm PVC.

If you haven't been to their shop, DO check it out. You can't miss it - just look for the cool window graphics.

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