Go Toward the Light - Branding Origins

To ‘go toward the light’ seems like a generally good rule to live by. It also happens to describe one of my greatest loves in life – sunshine – and the underpinning for The Digital Frontier’s brand.

After buying The Digital Frontier, I came to realize that, though our clients loved us, TDF wasn’t widely known on the Denver print scene. What’s more, some of our clients weren’t aware of our full scope of offerings: digital and large format printing. Signs, banners, wall coverings, marketing materials, POS displays, packaging, brochures, floor graphics, personalized mailers—you name it, we really can print it, well and affordably.

Rather than see our relative ‘inconspicuousness’ as a negative, I saw it as an opportunity. Increasing visibility and market presence is, all things considered, an easy problem to solve: reach out to existing networks, join and actively engage with new associations and chambers, create and/or modernize the company’s social media sites and post often, increase website traffic—the list goes on.

Before embarking on a big market awareness campaign, however, we needed to consider the impression our existing online and print channels left with their audiences, especially in light of how the business was changing. It was, in its way, entering a new frontier, and our ‘story’ and all the ways we told it – our brand – needed to reflect that.

I reached out to my network for recommendations on a local branding firm and ultimately partnered with TinyWins. Their whole philosophy – that tiny wins lead to huge victories – resonated with me from the start and I love the final product.

Brighter Ways to Print. If there is one word that represents our new brand, it’s “bright.” Without taking all the nuance out of it, I enjoy the many interpretations of the word. Of course, there is the reference to [printing] bright colors. More than that, for me, the word “bright” conjures a sense of optimism and a ‘can do’ spirit. A spirit of adventure. Of taking smart risk, maybe even going where no one has gone before – certainly somewhere I’ve never gone. I hope you like our brand as much as I do.

Let us know how we can help you get your brand out into the world!

Be Bright,