More Things to be Doing

As shared in my last post, there’s been a lot going on over here at The Digital Frontier – IT upgrades, MIS implementations, and big sales and marketing changes.

How do these undertakings benefit our clients?

The IT upgrades will not only improve our team’s productivity, they’ll also increase digital security, going even further to protect your data.

The first stage of our MIS platform implementation will save countless hours internally and will also streamline the customer quote and invoice experience, leaving less room for error (usually mine). The second phase will bring “web-to-print” capability to The Digital Frontier, allowing existing and new clients to upload files and place orders online, and the third will enable a TDF ‘storefront’ where we’ll offer specialized products.

Finally, the new branding and expansion of our sales team will communicate our capabilities more clearly and widely, paving the way for the launch in Q2 2021 of a strategic, omni-channel marketing campaign and opening up a whole new world of opportunity.

In the meantime, outside of achieving the previously outlined goals, the focus around here has been new business development through networking.

To start, Scott Shreeve and I have been pursuing two verticals in particular – Construction and Government – to put our new woman-owned and small business enterprise (MWBE and SBE) certifications to use. Though Covid has thrown a wrench into in-person events, there are still lots of worthwhile online events happening, especially in these verticals which are poised for major activity as we see the constraints of Covid lifted and the government’s commitment to stimulate the economy play out.

One of the beautiful things about print is that it is ubiquitous. Every company needs print in one form or another, and some need lots.

A downside of print is that it’s often an afterthought. You moved office and just realized that all the business cards and marketing materials you need for that meeting later this week have the old address. You won the contract for that $10 million construction project, are breaking ground in a few days, and need extensive Covid-related and Caution signage. You just approved a brand-new logo and can’t wait to update your window signage.

What often happens? A mad dash to a jumbo print chain, where you get a different person every time and pay through the nose for expedited work that’s, hopefully, what you wanted.

Or, you can call your print partner, the one who knows you and your company and what you’re working on – the one that has never let you down, even when you needed materials turned around same-day.

That’s what we at The Digital Frontier aspire to be: our clients’ print partner. If you already have a partner and you’re happy with them – great! But, if you’re running to the big chains in a pinch, I hope you’ll consider a partnership with us instead.

Be Bright,