The Digital Frontier is committed to sustainable business and production practices. We use biodegradable, recycled, and recyclable materials, source 100% of our building energy from renewable resources, and offset all of our pulp-based paper usage with newly planted trees.

sun shining through trees

Doing our part for the planet

Reusing, replacing and multiplying what we borrow from the earth

We go through a lot of material at The Digital Frontier. To reduce our environmental footprint, we take a multi-pronged approach.

We prioritize the use of large and small format substrates made from biodegradable and/or recycled materials that can again be recycled whenever possible. Eco-friendly alternatives are much more readily available than they used to be and are priced competitively--indoor or outdoor, let us know your goals and we'll make recommendations.

We team up with multiple recycling partners and source 100% of energy for our production plant via wind. And we are delighted to partner with PrintReleaf for global reforestation--the process of replanting trees to replace the ones that are made into paper and used in our printing processes--so we can all breathe a little easier.

Proud Partners of PrintReleaf

You print one. We'll plant one.

PrintReleaf is the world's first platform to measure paper consumption, which in turn automates reforestation across a network of reforestation projects.

In short, PrintReleaf's software keeps a count of how much paper we use and then we donate to reforestation projects to ensure all the pulp-based paper we use is given back to the planet.

Partnering with PrintReleaf means we can continue providing our customers with top-notch print quality, while in the background trees are automatically being planted.  In addition to replacing what we use, we're helping to grow the global forest system, so we end up giving back more than we take.

Sun shining through mountains and forest

Track our progress

Replanting tress since December 2021

This graphic is a live representation of how much paper paper we've used and how many trees have been planted since we began tracking.

Essentially a perpetual way of replanting trees, the more paper we use, the more trees are planted, and we're delighted to say 100% of our pulp-based printing is completely offset.

The more you print, the more trees you plant! Print guilt-free knowing that for every piece of paper you use, you're also contributing to reforesting the planet.